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The Tiniest 

Comedian on the Planet!

2' 10" of

Unadulterated Humor!

WARNING: Wendi's Comedy Is of Adult Content!

Wendi Furguson.png

Wendi Furguson stands only 2’10” tall, but her wit and gusto are immeasurable; she is short in stature and big on laughs! Wendi first took the stage on a dare, and not only did she win the challenge, but she also found her passion in life -making people laugh. Wendi has since traversed the United States from Florida to California. When not on the road with her highly touted, “This Ain’t Kindergarten!” comedy tour, Wendi opens for the Micro Wrestling Federation. Wendi enjoys warming up the audience before her little grappling friends take to the squared circle.

Wendi’s comedy style blends sarcasm and observation with a hint of self-deprecation. Wendi doesn’t have to make comedy; it comes to her on a daily basis. She experiences life in a unique way and faces problems doing even the most mundane things that many take for granted. Don’t lose focus because she will throw out one-liners just as easily as the stories she loves to tell.

Wendi has shared the stage with comedians like Brad Williams, Vince Morris, and Carlos Mencia; she is currently one of the most sought after comics in Ohio. Her charisma and charm make Wendi the center of the universe wherever she goes. You can follow her at to witness Wendi’s latest shenanigans and keep updated with her acclaimed “This Ain’t Kindergarten!” comedy tour.

"This Ain't Kindergarten!" comedy tour features 2' 10" Wendi Furguson! 

Don't miss the unadulterated comedy from the tiniest comedian on the planet who stands just 34 inches tall! 

Prepare yourself for big laughs from this little package of dynamite!

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"This Ain't


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